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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Table Top Glass

Glass Table Tops
Custom Table Tops are a unique way of adding value, beauty and a unique feature to your home or office.
Whether it’s a dining room table, coffee table or new boardroom table, All Purpose Glazing will cut your glass table top to suit your specifications. Any size or shape can be produced including simple circles, squares or rectangles or somewhat more complex shapes such as ovals, hexagons or other unusual designs.

Table Tops made using 6mm Toughen Glass- a safety glass of the highest standards that is heat resisitant.
Table Tops made using Low-Iron  glass Toughen Glass- is is a musicum quality clear glass for the highestl levels of light transmitance this will mean that the high quality colour of out

Suitable  Glass Table Tops Applications

  • Dinning Room Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • Outdoor Patio Tables
  • Table Top Protectors
  • Desk Protectors with holes for cabling
  • T.V cabinets, buffets, side tables, shelves and bedside tables.
  • Avaliable in 4mm / 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 15mm / 19mm depending on the requirements of the table itself.

Glass Table Tops Furniture Protection

A Custom Glass Table Top is the perfect way to enhance and protect your furniture. Adding a glass table top to your timber or painted high gloss dining room table will enhance its sophistication and style, just by adding a glass top. More importantly, a Custom Glass Table Top will protect your table surface and extend its life, protecting it from dents, scratches, spills and stains.

Features of our Tables

Need to replace a broken or scratched glass table top? Have you thought about rejuvenating tired looking outdoor or indoor furniture? Whatever your motivation,  we can replace your glass table top.

Replacing your broken or scratched table glass is a great way to extend the life of your furniture and saves you valuable money.

We create glass designs to the highest standards for style, quality and craftsmanship

Painted Glass Table Tops available in any Colour
We have a wide standard colour range giving you flexibility when designing your kitchen, while also providing you with the lowest price possible.

We create our Table Tops using Low-Iron  glass so that the colour will remain pure and unaffected by the traditional green glass tint.

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